Disc Golf 1.0.0

Disc Golf 1.0.0: Rise above the course with the most precise throws! throwing power, then release the mouse to throw. Note that the disc may have to travel through a number of obstacles, such as trees, rocks and stones, etc. If the disc cannot enter the target basket, you will need to throw again. If the disc flies out of bounds, 1 throw penalty will be added to your current number of throws. The round continues until the disc has been thrown into the target basket. Your result in the round, which is the difference

Mouse Throwing 1.0: Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces.
Mouse Throwing 1.0

Good fun for feline lovers. Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces. Try to get the mouse pointer arrow indicator to stop at 45 degrees and stop the meter at its maximum. Then, watch the mouse bounce over distances of 350 feet. You have 5 tries in each round to throw the mouse. The final score is the total points of the 5 tries. If you can score 300 points, you are a grand master of Mouse Throwing.

throw, action, mouse, cartoon, arcade

Animal Olympics - Hammer Throw 1.0.0: Unleash your strength to reach impossible distances!
Animal Olympics - Hammer Throw 1.0.0

Help the horned dung beetle to defend its throne as the strongest insect on Earth by showcasing its power in the event of Hammer Throw! Your goal in this game is to throw the ball and reach the farthest possible distance within 3 attempts. When the game starts, the dung beetle will get ready in the cage. To start swinging the hammer, you need to press and hold your mouse, then move the mouse around the dung beetle in counterclockwise direction fo

olympics games, action games, distance, olympics, athlete, attempt, dung beetle, speed, insect, animal olympics, power, ball, competition

Snow Fight 1.0.0: Throw snowballs in the snow fight!
Snow Fight 1.0.0

In this game you need to throw snowballs and shoot as many people as possible. Use the mouse cursor to aim and click to shoot. Be quick, if you are too slow, your enemies will have time to throw snowballs at you. You can throw snowballs to intercept their snowballs so that they cannot hit you. Try to be as accurate as possible with your snowballs, because the more snowballs you shoot, the faster the enemies will become. The game is over after you

snowball, throw, snow fight, snow ball, snow

Multiplayer Senet 1.4.0: Play the ancient game of Senet like the pharoahs did.
Multiplayer Senet 1.4.0

throw a set of 4 two sided throwing sticks to determine the number of steps to move, the player can move: 1 steps if 1 throwing stick faces up; 2 steps if 2 throwing sticks face up; 3 steps if 3 throwing sticks face up; 4 steps if 4 throwing sticks face up; 5 steps if no throwing sticks face up. A piece can move to an empty square or a square occupied by an opponent piece, in this case the two pieces switch positions. When two pieces of a player

s ent, ancient games, strategy games, dice games, senet, race games, senat

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Darts CLUB 1.0

Darts CLUB is complete statistics of your games, is counted every throw. Now you can see who wins the most, what your best throw, most impressive checkout, and how many kilometres you have for the game ;) During the game will be highlighted good throws, the average is calculated. Additionally, the program will prompt you the most efficient checkout!

programm, darts, dart, game, score, program

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Battle of catapults 1.0

throw of shell by moving mouse, press the left button of the mouse. While the button is pressed, force of a throw will increase. On achievement of the necessary force let off the button. Opponents will attack you after each your throw of a shell. For protection use a gun caused by the right button of the mouse. Each level of game has the unique relief which can be used for change of trajectory of shells. Many opponents are inaccessible to direct

combination, unusual, relief, battle, tower, medieval, sands, wind, step, arcade, catapult, throw, dynamic

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